Just as the Chancellor tells us we may have turned the corner, the electricity supply regulator, OFGEM warned the country faces power cuts in the next five years unless the government takes greater control of the energy market to ensure future supply.

This is because five of the country's 14 coal-fired stations must close in 2015 to hit previously agreed environmental targets.

And why are we in this position? Well two basic reasons. One the EU, which has driven a policy of dear energy and has now required us to close some of our power stations prematurely as the EU is against their emissions of CO2.

And two, a series of spineless politicians who must now face the consequences of their irrational policies. Top of the list is the Muppet, Ed Miliband, the ex-Energy and Climate Change secretary, who signed us up to this EU directive in the first place without considering how to keep the lights on.

Now this announcement may come as a shock to many, but this warning of an imminent ‘Power Crisis’ has certainly not come out of the blue! It's has been expected and foreseen for the last 15 years at the very least. But we haven't had any politicians with the guts to tackle it. 

No matter which political party, they are all the same, dodge the responsibility.

They only react when they are absolutely forced to face the facts.

It makes one wonder whether it’s time to consider re-nationalise electricity, gas, water and rail.

They are all essential (one might add strategic) services which require an integrated network. They should be held in common ownership and managed for the common good, not for private profit.



Sean, creating his masterpiece.
A 25 year old job seeker's hastily discarded lunch has become the latest star exhibit at Hyde’s, wacky  indoor shopping mall.

Following on from the council acclaimed 3D sculpture, which was made from buttons, comics, dog chews and other bric-a-brac; a half-eaten potato and meat pie, wrapped in a Gregg’s bag' began to attract crowds on Wednesday afternoon, after unemployed Sean Head had to answer a call of nature and inadvertently left what was left of his lunch on the bench where he was sitting.

On being interviewed by one of Tameside council’s local media representatives, Mr Head exclusively revealed that 'after paying a visit’ he rushed back to reclaim his rapidly congealing pie, but noticed that a crowd of bewildered pensioners and few mystified orange faced trolley-pushing chavs, had gathered round the bench; texting and taking pictures on their ubiquitous diamanté encrusted pink plastic mobiles of his half eaten pastry, which was now being cordoned off with rope.'

He went on, 'As I attempted to retrieve me pie, I was told in no uncertain terms by a portly security officer that ‘touching was not allowed!'

'After answering the call of “Who did that?” from an official looking chap in a crumpled suit, I was then ushered into one of the empty shops by Philip Fitzpatrick, a local councillor, who thanked me for the superb and challenging post-modern masterpiece.'

Art expert, Cllr Fitzpatrick
Interviewed later, a jubilant Cllr Fitzpatrick said, “This is a stunning piece of artwork which gives Hyde Indoor Market the ambiance it deserves,” “I couldn’t think of a more fitting and appealing way to draw attention to everything that Hyde has to offer.

Sean Head’s case worker at the local Jobcentre plus confirmed that although Sean has been with them since leaving school with 27 GCSE grade D passes, they had no idea that he was so talented!”

Speaking on behalf of the council, Cllr Fitzpatrick told us that Sean is now considered to be a major new talent in post-modern art and as a forward looking council,with beacon status, will be delighted to have him exhibit at the Hyde Modern (as it is now to be known) where we sincerely hope to stage his next work, 'two sausage rolls and a bun’ very soon.'

The story above is entirely fictitious. It’s satire. A parody if you like and should only be read by people with a sense of humour!



"I won't be here tomorrow, apparently, I'm not qualified!"
There seems to be mixed messages emanating from the Labour ranks regarding teachers and the teaching profession.

Tomorrow, the teaching unions have called a strike because they do not want the government to introduce performance related pay. In other words, they are opposed to the suggestion that successful teachers; those whose students consistently attain higher qualifications, get better remunerations. - A move that would attract better teachers and weed out the chaff.

However, in a statement that appears to argue against itself, Labours Shadow Education Secretary, Stephen Twigg said, “It is shocking that this government is allowing unqualified teachers into the classroom. High-quality teaching is the most important factor in improving education. We need to drive up the quality of teaching, not undermine it."

Now if one looks at private education, and the hundreds of academies and schools in the free-school sector, whose pass rates generally out-perform those of standard state education; much of their success is down to the high level of teaching, much of which is delivered by people who are not of qualified teacher status.

Now, if Mr Twigg really feels that allowing "unqualified teachers" to teach, really "damages standards" then why doesn't he propose banning the thousands of unqualified teachers from our highly respected independent schools?

"This is a Banana!"
So, we know what to expect! Should there be a change of government in 2015, a Labour Government would sack up to 5,000 unqualified teachers from academies and free schools. – Presumably amongst them the likes of Ed Miliband’s big brother David, who put his political experience to ‘good use’ teaching A-level Government and Politics at Haverstock School in Chalk Farm, north London, which he attended as a boy. 

Also, Labour's current education spokesman Tristram Hunt, who aptly demonstrated the depths of Labour’s hypocrisy by admitting that he regularly takes lessons himself in schools in Stoke, whilst at the same time campaigning against employing unqualified teachers!

If "High-quality teaching is the most important factor in improving education" - one wonders then why our 'so well qualified' teachers are letting their pupils down across the country!

For conformation just look at the front page of the National Union of Teachers (NUT) web site. You’ll find it’s all about support for strike action. Nothing there about improving educational standards for our kids or how to be a better teacher!

I tell you, it’s a great pity that the political system doesn’t practice a similar attitude when selecting their MPs. We need "qualified" politicians- qualified by experience of business or work rather than this current bunch of political careerists, who go direct from Uni’ to running the country without any experience of the ‘real world’



Here we go again. Bolshie left wing teachers protesting at the move in introduce pay and pension reforms.

This Thursday’s strikes have been called in response to the Government’s proposal of performance related pay for teachers which is due to start this September.

However, the very fact that these unions don’t like it begs the question as to why these ‘teachers’ would refuse to be rewarded for good performance.

Could it be that if teachers got paid by results many would get a pay rise, yet many more would be out of a job. A consequence of which, as teaching standards improve, so would educational standards, which after all is still, presumably the ultimate objective.

As it stands, collective bargaining just protects those unable to gain a good wage by their skills and efforts while preventing those who are worth more getting their fare reward.

Still, it's good to see the left wing strikers instructing the next generation in how to continue to never have a job.  …Keep voting Labour - you know it makes sense.

I will guarantee you one thing this strike action will be a complete waste of time, your strike will have zero results (other than inconveniencing a lot of people some within your own industry; like support staff, cleaners, dinner ladies, administration staff), who are also facing wage freezes, declining pension performances.

I wonder just how many of these teachers would vote to go on strike if it were called in the middle of the long summer holiday?

It’s time these glorified child minders realised that every time the schools close, many of parents, and their employers take another financial hit. Why should low income working people pay for teachers rights to be greedy ?



According to the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) UK unemployment has fallen by 5,000
The latest ONS data indicated 2.51 million people were out of work in the three months to April. The jobless rate was unchanged from three months earlier, at 7.8%. However, throughout the UK, a record 29.7 million people are now in work.

Now compare the UK figures with those of France, Spain and Italy.

In France they now have 3.26 million unemployed with two uninterrupted years of monthly rises in their unemployment rate and a 1.2% increase from March. Nearly 337,000 more people are out of work in France than there were when François Hollande was elected in May 2012.

Unemployment is Spain at 26.8%, some 6.2 million people out of work while their economy has shrunk -1.3% in the last two quarters.

Italy’s economy is projected to shrink by -1.8% this year according to the OECD while their unemployment rate hits 12%, a thirty-six year high. 

Besides Germany these nations are supposed to be the pillars of the European Union and that union is crumbling rapidly.

We need to get out now!