Slipped in among the usual banal drivel regularly emitted from his office in the bowels of Tameside’s Town Hall, it would appear that the leader’s blog which he published earlier this month, once again returned to the question of lowering the age at which a citizen is entitled to vote.

Admittedly, you had to waft away the ink-slingers smokescreen which began by pleading the case for a scheme to bring about the reversal of current youthful voter apathy; but once you’d spotted exactly where the leaders politically motivated blog writer was heading, you could quickly uncover the ‘hidden dialect’ in the honey potion that was intended to lead some of our most susceptible youngsters, (especially those 16 year olds who may be labouring under the illusion that they are ready to engage with the unscrupulous and coercive power of the council’s controlling elders, in meaningful political debate) to volunteer to join the pseudo council ; and in doing so, sleepwalking into a power mad trap that has been set by ‘other dominating organisations’ and baited by marionettes, labouring under the guise of community council chiefs!

Aware he needed to impress an easily hoodwinked, gullible audience – the writer of Kieran Quinn’s blog decided to start his soliloquy with an anti-government name drop.

He started his preamble by saying, “It’s not often in this blog you’ll hear me agree with Russell Brand, but I do think that a lot of young people don’t vote because they don’t feel like they have a stake in the system. It’s for this reason we declared that as part of our 2015 pledges we would set up a Tameside Youth Council.”

“The Youth Council will provide young people with a platform to not just get their opinions heard, but taken seriously by decision-makers in the council and other organisations in the borough, integrating the Tameside Youth Council into our decision-making.”

In other words, and as an example; introduce this diverse group to a problem or crisis, or maybe a local social issue. Conduct the discussion in a council facilitated, council controlled environment, using their fully trained ‘facilitators’, officers and a few of their more vociferous elected political members; (That well known totally unbiased fence sitter, John Taylor, for example) then give it a good stir to create tension, and then attempt to control and manipulate the outcome by providing the desired solution through those same trained council facilitators and totally ‘unbiased’ elected members!

This will result in exactly the same way in which the ‘other organizations’ manipulate the current council chiefs to achieve outcomes that favour their business and lock in their continuing control for years to come.

He continued, “As it currently stands we estimate that the Youth Council will comprise of around 60 young people (in other words, approximately the same number as that of the current council) representing schools, youth and equality groups and geographical areas.” And with a suspicion of the author ‘protesting too much’ he emphasized, “It will be a strictly non-party political organization, - we want young people to be comfortable getting involved and letting us know their views.”

The writer then told how ‘council officers’ and ‘elected members’ will work closely with these Youth Council members to make sure they get the support and training they need to contribute as fully as possible to discussions. “It is our hope that the Youth Council will play a full role in council decisions – even taking part in full council meetings.”

Now, forgive the cynic in me, but can someone explain just how a hand-picked bunch of ‘one party controlled career council officers, aided and abetted by a collection of dyed-in-the-wool Labour councillors’ will successfully shake off years of political bias and blinkered dogma to offer non-party political guidance to this immature and impressionable group, in order for them to arrive at fully thought out answers to ‘council induced’ non-political discussions?

It just can’t happen!

As a magician offers the audience any card in the pack and always gets them to take the one they want. I get the feeling that a group of politically trained facilitator-teachers would then guide this naive group’s dialogue toward pre-planned political consensus, and ultimately to arrive at the same inhibited council conclusions that over the years have been of great benefit to a number of ‘other organizations’, yet have pervaded and retarded the ordinary tax-paying people of Tameside’s economic and social progress, for the last 40 odd years!

They glibly tell us that ‘They work for us’ but in reality we have become ‘their customers!’ Remember, local and indeed central government are supposed to be our servants, not our masters.

This seemingly innocuous form of political recruitment, expounded by our leader, is, in reality, a hidden form of early ‘consensus-building’ and is the process with which the radical left attempts; and in most cases succeeds in controlling and manipulating already cut and dried outcomes.

In order to achieve their ends, this latest idea of attempting to circumvent the current age of voting is nothing more than a cynical attempt to retain and manipulate local political power in indoctrinated hands for future years.

As Kieran Quinn and his power mad puppet masters have inadvertently revealed in announcing this clumsy scheme; today, it would appear that a more sophisticated version of the political brainwashing process is in motion in our midst, in an unscrupulous attempt to drive unopposed social transformation. Governments, schools, businesses and service organizations; even some religious groups are using this hidden agenda, with its predetermined ends to shape compliant citizens, believers and group thinkers to conform to the ‘new order.’ This is often referred to by our council as ‘community organizing.’

Referring back to the ‘Youth Council’ it’s also a clever way of identifying ‘unconformity and free thinkers’ which may, in future become an obvious hindrance. So, by forming a ‘Youth Council’ directed in thought by those seeking to retain power and political control over others, it serves their purpose in two ways, for it helps root out individualism and non-conformist attitudes that could bring conflict and division from future candidates.

Make no mistake. Once these young people have bonded to ‘the group’ and been ‘trained’ in the new rules, only the very brave amongst them will dare offend the majority by taking a contrary stand or by offering a counter argument.

Kieran closes his remarks with these words, “The young people of today will be the voters, the decision makers and the opinion formers of tomorrow; we must help them to get involved themselves.”

Which means, this scheme is nothing more than political grooming at local level, designed purely to mould the next generation of totally compliant Tameside Labour Councillors, who will continue to blindly carry out the bidding of those outside entities that benefit most from Tameside council’s decisions. 



Friday, November 20th, 2015

This week our intrepid leader put pen to paper and allegedly composed a letter to the supreme being.

Reporting in his blog, Kieran assumes that readers will most likely have seen coverage of the correspondence between the Prime Minister and the Oxfordshire County Council Leader.

So, not be out done, he called in his scribes and demanded they too, write to the PM!

In it he compares himself to other leaders of Local Government, who have always suspected that national politicians have little idea of how Local Councils work (or in Tameside's case, not work) or understand the services they provide. And goes on to say that the most troubling aspect for him is the assertion that Council’s should be looking for ‘creative solutions’ to their budget challenge and reducing back office functions. 

He concludes by saying; "Having suffered from budget cuts for more than five years, he's not sure why the Prime Minister would believe that Tameside are yet to do those things!"

It’s for this reason, he tells us, that he has written to the Prime Minister and the full text is reproduced above.

He finishes with; "If and when I receive a reply, readers of this blog will be the first to know!".

I wonder whether he'll be so keen to publish it, if the reply goes anything like the one below?   



In his recent blog, our gallant leader opened his narrative with:

"I am not an island!"
“No man is an island” “…and the same is true with councils as well. To achieve our goals for Tameside we cannot assume that the Council has all the answers and solutions!”

A great sentiment when it was written and so very true today!

But I think that our Kieran actually spoke better than he intended when he addressed the recent council run ‘Breakfast Business Summit’ attended by over 70 local businesses!

Let me explain.

Christmas Pudding anyone?
Let’s go back to the 6th September 2013, where a ‘Key Decision’ was taken by Cllr John Taylor, (who was then, and still is responsible for Markets) along with the Borough Treasurer and the Borough Solicitor to grant approval for an annual Christmas Market to be held in Ashton for an initial 3 year period; after which it was to be reviewed and a decision made as to whether or not to continue.

Weighing up those stipulations and ignoring basic logic, instead of testing the water by hiring in 30 wooden Christmas Chalets for approximately £18,000, someone within the council persuaded ‘The Strategic Planning and Capital Monitoring Panel’ to grant £69,000 of capital funding to buy the materials to construct 30 pseudo Christmas Chalets from scratch. (These we were told would last 10 years!) and as if money was no object, a further £97,000 of revenue funding was granted, per year, to manage the event for the initial 3 year period, which in total cost Tameside council taxpayers £291,000 for the scheme.

Get there early to avoid the crowds!

After the first year, the council told us, the Christmas Market was a great success – claiming that it had attracted over 3000 extra visitors to the Market Hall! (yet how they arrived at that figure without counting people in or out, one can only guess at)

Last year too, despite the location being adjusted and timings changed to protect the lost earnings of resident market retailers the previous year; we were told that that too was a resounding success!

 (Although anyone who experienced it, tells a different story)

"I had a vision!"
Now here we are at year 3 and because the council have implemented their ‘Vision Tameside’ which has had the effect of ripping up Ashton’s entire market square, there will be no Ashton Christmas Market, as there is, apparently, no room!

So much for a ‘forward looking council’ and its vision!

So, what do they do with the 30 Christmas Chalets that they have been storing year after year?

Based on the fact that they have told us that for the first two years, these Christmas Market events had been huge successes; do they show basic business logic and distribute the Christmas Chalets between Hyde, Stalybridge, Denton or Mossley, so that they too can benefit from a smaller, yet successful Christmas themed Christmas Market event in their town? After all, their resident shopkeepers do pay the same amount of business tax to the council as those of Ashton and notwithstanding the fact that the council have encouraged all those towns to form ‘Town Teams’ of proactive local people, whose task it is to try to engender vibrancy into their towns and boost trade from further afield for their resident retailers.

But of course this is Tameside, where the words business, profit and foresight are complete anathemas!

So no, dear reader, rather than set up these already paid for Christmas Chalets in one, two or three of the borough’s other town squares, they have seen fit to rent a number of them to Rochdale Borough Council, so that Rochdale’s retailers can benefit from putting on a town centre Christmas Market event!

Brilliant, Kieran! What an astute businessman you are!

With the Metro now fully up and running; hundreds of Ashtonians can get on the tram and travel to Rochdale’s Christmas Market and spend their money with Rochdale’s retailers, while Tameside retailers have to stump up extra monies to get their Christmas lights turned on!

It really answers the question, why many of Tameside’s town centres are losing their shops through falling trade, when the council pulls mind-blowing tricks like this!

In 2016, we will once again be asked by these council gravy-train ‘visionaries’ to give them our vote, so that they can carry on in the same old way, constantly finding new ways to fritter away our money, whilst we taxpayers receive sub-standard services.

This time, let’s use that vote wisely. In all honesty a group of cardboard cut-outs would be better qualified to run the council than this band of blundering buffoons!

Maybe we should respond to Kieran Quinn’s opening remarks by quoting the last line of John Dunne’s famous poem; - ‘send not to know for whom the bell tolls Kieran. It tolls for thee!’