...first, choose a town with a plethora of bronze statues..

According to Kieran Quinn’s personal Blog, The Council’s Enforcement Panel; which is so vital to the community it now meets once every 13 weeks, have held discussions, on, amongst other things, whether or not the council will hit residents with littering fines if they are caught feeding pigeons!

Not a man who could ever be accused of thinking laterally, it would appear that rather than look to innovative ways of utilising and creating a benefit whilst still controlling the feral pigeon population, the mighty Quinn's enforcers are looking to introduce yet another spurious way to screw even more money out of the Tameside populous!

This, Cllr Quinn tells us, is ‘just one of a few examples’ of the excellent work being carried out on behalf of the borough’s residents!

So, these charming birds (The Rock Dove), which have been a common feature of urban life for the last 100 years and have long drawn the crowds in tourist hotspots such as London’s Trafalgar Square and Venice’s Piazza San Marco are suddenly not welcome in the newly created urban deserts of the North (once thriving markets, now empty civic squares) that the Tameside Taliban, have, in their infinite wisdom recently created.

Of course, this is not a problem that is unique to Tameside. Many UK-based councils’ have attempted to address the problem by using hard-hitting and aggressive campaigns threatening pigeon feeders with large fines or imprisonment and some have even undertaken deeply unpopular culling operations at the same time. 

However, in each and every case these campaigns have failed due to the fact that the council concerned has failed to understand the underlying reason why people feed pigeons. The ‘problem’ cannot be dealt with as a littering offence or an anti-social act; it must be dealt with by education and persuasion rather than by threats and legislation. – This is the usual hurdle where Tameside council often falls down.

Now this might sound like an obvious suggestion, but maybe at the next Enforcement Panel Meeting, they be directed to look-up ‘Dovecotes’ and the use thereof (At this point someone may have to explain to certain councillors that these are not to be confused with ‘winter coats’ for our feathered friends) which, if planned, built and positioned properly, could not only become an educational money-spinner and possibly provide a number of job opportunities, but are a time served, proven method of successful pigeon control.

One common error, often made by our current cabal of council officers and career councillors is that they confuse their own inability to imagine entrepreneurial (rather than state-imposed) solutions to most given situations. In other words, they can’t see the wood for the trees!

They suffer from a form of ‘naive pessimism’ which basically translates as a breed of persons who can't imagine entrepreneurial solutions to simple everyday problems.


If a committee is allowed to discuss a bad idea long enough, it will inevitably decide to implement the idea simply because so much work has already been done on it.



Open letter to Jonathan Reynolds MP

Dear Mr Reynolds,

According to an article in The Times last Friday, it uncovered a story telling us that the Labour party paid no corporation tax last year despite being in surplus for its sixth year; this was revealed in the party’s annual accounts.

Now this revelation come a mere three months after your leader, Ed Miliband criticised irresponsible tax avoidance by 'vowing to rip up the rule book as prime minister and go it alone if there is no international consensus to tackle multinationals engaging in massive tax avoidance. 

In his speech, he also said, 'he would increase the resources of HM Revenue and Customs to strike at tax cheats!'. and 'a Labour government would engender a more responsible capitalism in the UK by changing those rules with or without international agreement'.

In the article, it explained that your party reduced its corporation tax bill from £561,000 to zero by offsetting expenses and tax losses held over from 2011

Now this may well be legal, but following on from Ed's speech, I don't think you are living up to your responsibilities.

Can you explain this?

Over to you Mr Reynolds.



It may have escaped your notice, but does anyone else find it significant that whenever any hint of scandal or malpractice erupts around the Labour party, its MPs, councillors or their prospective candidates, John Taylor swops his usual vitriolic political attacks on his opposition and writes at length about superficial rubbish! – This week it was his admiration for the entire cast of Dad’s Army!

Strange he didn’t mention the court ruling regarding the five people who appeared in court as part of an investigation into allegations that they were part of a vote rigging operation during elections in Derby last year…

Last week, at Derby Crown Court, Polling clerk Nasreen Akhtar, 46, from Derby, admitted malpractice, while her nieces Tameena Ali, 27, and Samra Ali, 28, both admitted impersonation. 

Akhtar was jailed for 14 months. Her nieces were given eight months suspended for 18 months. Noshiela Maqsood, 23, pleaded guilty to attempting to pervert the course of justice and was also handed an eight month jail term, suspended for 18 months.

The fraud aimed to give more votes to a Labour council candidate.

The court heard how Akhtar had falsely told an official at the Madeley Street polling station she did not know who her nieces were, despite her being related to them. Maqsood, then tried to cover up the fraud by giving false information to police.

Sabir also made a false complaint against a witness in the case, the court was also told
that, Tameena and Samra Ali deliberately set out to vote in a ward where they were not eligible to do so in an attempt to fraudulently interfere with the electoral process and boost the number of votes for the Labour candidate in the Arboretum Ward.

Their aunt, Nasreen Akhtar, abused her position as poll clerk by knowingly permitting them to do this.

Now this example of vote rigging is bad enough, but to many of us not really a surprise, as this interfering with our voting system seems to be becoming more and more prevalent.

However, what is a surprise, especially when one considers the row over preferential candidate selection and the alleged interference by trade union UNITE into the election in Falkirk, is that the Labour party, who benefited from this latest vote rigging scam, are prepared to hold onto the seat, which was won by a mere 14 votes! 

Surely, now the scandal has been exposed, just goes to show how desperate these so-called upright Labour councillors are if they insist on hanging onto this seat, which, as the court has clearly proven, to have been gained under suspicious circumstances?

We should take this example seriously, especially when one considers the close family connections that are already rampant in the People’s Republic of Tameside! This latest scandal is just another example of Labour's contempt for democracy.

For your interest, the results in Derby were as follows:

Gulfraz Nawaz (Labour) 1,757 votes.                                              

Tullah Khan (Liberal Democrat) 1,743;

Simon Hales (Green Party) 248; and

Ross McCristal (Conservative) 186.

Labour, the party of the people, but only the selected ones.



Apparently, according to a small snippet penned by Cllr Phil’ Fitzpatrick in this weeks ‘Ripsnorter’ - it really will be a happier Christmas this year for the people of Hyde!
The councillor, who regularly divulges dubious works of art that has seen members of the public delicately remove their eyeballs with cocktail toothpicks, gave his assurance to those who assembled at the latest meeting of Hyde & Longdendale District Assembly, that the town centre Christmas tree will be 100% better and brighter than last year and then went on to proudly promise, “It will be the best in Tameside!”

Well, councillor, no one can say that you and you ilk haven't created plenty of room for it!




Writing on his personal blog, http://www.tameside.gov.uk/blog/leader/ (17 July 2013) Tameside’s Council Leader, Kieran Quinn said, ‘The Royal Mail is the lifeblood of the country and is vital for keeping Tameside’s economy flowing!’

Now one might think he might be a little bit biased because of the fact he used to work for the Postal Service (In what capacity I’m not sure) and still is a big-wig in the Communications Workers Union (CWU) but his imposing claim that the Post Office is the ‘lifeblood’ of the country, is stretching the imagination beyond belief.

Now I don’t know about you, but if like me you're one of those who watch and listen to the news, it won’t have escaped your memory hearing about the state of the economy, and on listening to the debates, probably believe that it will be the strength of Britain’s entrepreneurial and small business sector, together with the reduction of bureaucratic red tape, that will be the grease the vital cogs that turn the wheels to re-energise our flagging economy, but hey, what do we know?

But we're not alone, in fact, if one reads the local paper, it would appear that even a few of our career councillors; who never stop whinging about the dire state of the economy, recognise the economical problems too! However if our esteemed Leader is right, then maybe we should open a Post Office on every street in the borough in order to get that vital ‘lifeblood’ flowing and save the economy by sending letters to each other!


So, forget technology, entrepreneurship and education, apparently according to our leader it’s the retention of ownership of the Post Office that is the essential lifeblood, if we are to stimulate the British economy!

Beware these people walk amongst us!