Nothing surprises me anymore; this Labour run council is unfit for purpose.

While hundreds of councils up and down the country continue to freeze their council tax, Tameside have decided to put it up by a massive 3.5%!

So, while the likes of Cllr John Taylor continually tell us that we are being supposedly "hammered" by the Tory led Coalition, the ever so helpful Labour councillors, have decided to increase our council tax by 3.5%. This can only be described in these harsh economic times as “morally” unacceptable.

So, here we are being dictated to by a socialist council who, refuse to reduce the number of career councillors, whilst wringing their hands and crying crocodile tears when they lay off front line workers, sell-off car parks, shut libraries, toilets and close day care centres,  despite having more than £41million sitting in its reserve fund.

If these reserves are not intended to ensure councils can react to unforeseen situations like tackling the country’s unprecedented level of debt, what exactly are they intended for?

But of course that’s typical of Labour, in the current difficult circumstances when everyone is finding it hard to make ends meet, our wonderful, caring council have unanimously decided to forgo the Governments one off £1.5million inducement grant to freeze council taxes for another two years and have chosen instead to add yet another financial burden to hard pressed families. 

Older residents will know that from from 1997, when Labour came to power, the average council tax bill virtually  doubled from £688 a year for a Band D home to over £1,320.and continued to rise year on year until the 2010 election, when the coalition immediately froze it at its current level!

Earlier this year, we were told by the Local Government Minister, Eric Pickles that “If local authorities want to hike council tax they should have the courage to put any rise to the electorate.”

Well, obviously Tameside bosses, who only show us contempt, do not possess that courage or else they would have put their case to us in a referendum. It was understood that a rise above the 2% level should trigger a local referendum, but Tameside appear to have totally ignored it!

We must now lobby all our local councillors and demand they abide by the Government ruling that any rise over 2% must be approved by the public in a referendum. Until then perhaps we should refuse to pay it!

There's a very apt saying which suddenly springs to mind:

"Councillor, please don't piss up my back and then tell me its raining!"


On hearing the news that the derelict buildings that was once a thriving business had been ‘sold’ to New Charter for £84,000, I thought; ‘Oh, eh, somebody’s got a good deal!’
Then when I read that the new owners ‘New Charter’ had chosen to use ‘Tameside Council’ to carry out the demolition work” alarm bells started ringing and to which, Tameside councillors will hopefully throw on some light.

According to the council’s press release, the council explained that because of the previous owner’s failure to clear the Casablanca’s site, the council was forced to spend more than £70,000 on safety work. To recover that debt, it used the Law of Property Act 1925 to take ownership of the building last summer – the first-ever use of this legislation in the borough.

That was followed by a comment from Cllr John Taylor, who added, “I look forward to the new owners, New Charter, starting redevelopment very quickly." and concluded by saying, " I’m pleased that they have chosen to use Tameside Council, to carry out the demolition work.” 

The article goes on to say, that the demolition work will last up to 12 weeks, whilst New Charter consults with residents on its plans to build a mixed-use development, including homes.

However, New Charter’s Director of Development said, his team ‘were still in the process of drawing-up plans’ and added, “We do have some thoughts and we have had some initial sketches prepared!”

So, in a nutshell, the council has sold a derelict building to New Charter for a pittance, without having sight of what they will replace it with, but seeing as Cllr Taylor states that he is looking forward to New Charter starting redevelopment very quickly, surely that presupposes that ‘planning permission’ will be granted, on the nod!

Now bearing in mind Tameside council claim to have paid over £70,000 to make the burnt-out buildings safe and have ‘sold the said building for £84,000. It also implies that the council will only be in-pocket to the tune of £14,000.

However, when you read on and learn that the new owners ‘New Charter’ had chosen to use ‘Tameside Council’ to carry out the demolition work.” That implies that some sort of ‘tendering’ was involved and therefore demolition costs must be added to the overall ‘done deal’ or does it? 

Considering the fact that most conscientious companies require quotes from several different companies to enable them to compare and find the best and most affordable option, it would be in the public’s interest to know what the winning bid to demolish this site was, and how much will that add to offset the council’s expenditure or add to the council’s coffers?

After all, costs must be known, as the work has already commenced, and it has been stated that the work will take 12 weeks! - So, it's no small feat and therefore expensive!

I recommend you read the story from the owners point of view
Another small stumbling block that the council press release has omitted, is in respect of the ‘council owned’ strip of land (as mentioned in Irene Bradford’s book, STUCK IN REVERSE) which, it is understood was leased by Tameside council to the previous owners and was a necessary condition of granting the club’s licences as laid down by Tameside Planners, which enabled the fire exits from the former Casablanca’s Health Club and Wine Bar, to open on to.

Was that ‘Council owned’ land sold to New Charter as part of the deal too, and if it was, at what price?

Although I’m sure the demolition of this controversial blot on the Stalybridge landscape and the raising from the ashes of whatever has been planned to replace it will be extremely welcomed by all, it’s also vital in such matters, that the council conveys a complete version of events and not just a selected, one-sided snap-shot of what they want us to know.

In these days of political mistrust, stories like this with a chequered history; that are patronisingly presented and economical with the facts, only emphasises the feelings amongst voters that some councils have a perceived problem with crony capitalism. 

The unsavoury link between businesses and councillors, understandably raise fears that in certain cases, council decisions might inadvertently bypass due process. 

The problem here in Tameside, is that we have, for thirty odd years, felt like we have been living under an elected dictatorship. We are more like Vladivostok than Tameside because there has not been, and no sign of being, any counter balancing of power that is held by the Labour cabal or career councillors.



"How am I supposed to cook mi' greens without 'lectic?"

When more than 100 energy companies, charities and businesses have found it necessary to join forces to warn David Cameron that Britain is heading for a fuel poverty crisis owing to a failure of Government policy, you know we are heading for deep trouble!
In a letter to the Prime Minister, and reported in The Times, they have pointed out that Ministers are not doing enough to tackle soaring Gas and Electricity bills that leave a growing number of people unable to heat their homes.
The energy regulator (Ofgem) has now announced that building dozens of new gas plants to fill the generation gap looming in 2015 would not be enough unless a change in energy efficiency resulted in a dramatic fall in consumption.

Just to rub our noses in in the mire a little further, Tim Yeo, the Chairman of the Commons energy committee, said that he was worried that people were not sufficiently aware that higher energy bills were looming.

Now just to remind you, Tim Yeo MP is a director of ITI Energy, AFC Energy, Eurotunnel and  Chairman of TMO Renewables for which it is reported he was paid £135,970 last year by three 'green' companies. - Whilst being questioned about energy prices, he told the BBC: “I personally think that a couple of pounds a week, maybe rising to almost £3 a week, is a reasonable price for Britain to achieve a degree of energy security to reduce its total dependence on fossil fuels and to honour its commitments to cut greenhouse gases.”
 “I’ve been concerned for some time that we are not preparing the public well enough for what is likely to be further increases in energy prices,” he said.

"I wouldn't have invested in 'em if I didn't think they'd work!"
So now these wonderful politicians who have brought about yet another crisis by deliberately running down the power generating capacity in the UK, have got their heads together and implemented their solution – fill the land with more windmills and bloody mirrors! – Brilliant! 

At this moment its very cold and very still (as it usually is during cold snaps when high pressure lingers) No number of wind turbines can help at these times.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that thousands of smart meters are being introduced to limit our use of electricity. It’s also a way to introduce rolling blackouts (or worse). Admittedly there’s an increasing emphasis on pushing for more energy efficiency; which makes economic sense, but the key to a thriving economy is abundance cheap energy which enables long-term investment in high energy manufacturing. Something that wind farms and solar fields cannot supply! 

In other words, the Government’s policy is the opposite of what it should be.
I'm not going to speculate on whether these policies are deliberately wrong or whether it’s just because we’ve been led by idiots for so long. I’ll let you decide. But sadly the majority of the electorate is compiled of Labour, Tory and Lib/Dem sheep, who blindly vote for their party, despite their half-baked policies or disastrous past performances!

So when the lights start going out, I propose that non-essential services should lose power first. Starting with Green Party Headquarters (who incidentally, do not appear to have installed solar panels or wind powered back up on their Central London Building!) followed by The Palace of Westminster, (Parliament and the House of Lords) The BBC, Newspapers, any building containing bureaucrats, plus QUANGOS, and any other building containing eco-people that peddles ‘Greenness’. 

They wanted it, they can have it and welcome!

It seems to me that either the MPs wake up and reject this impending 'green' disaster or the voters must seek parties that will, such as UKIP.
As I've mentioned in previous musings, democracy, like our energy, is rapidly fading away as our leaders strive to please their EU masters. Who knows, perhaps daily blackouts, which now seem inevitable, will be the turning point when the people of Britain finally see the light!



Losing the UK’s long held AAA rating with the credit agencies, although embarrassing for the Chancellor, comes as no real surprise to the markets and will do little harm to the man in the street.

On hearing the news, it’s was interesting to know that Moody’s (the Agency who reduced the rating) said, “The UK's creditworthiness remains extremely high" partly because of “strong track record of fiscal consolidation. They went on to explain that the “Slow growth of the global economy” is cited as first reason by Moody’s for downgrade and went on to praise the UK’s “fiscal policy commitment” but warns of further downgrade if there should be a “reduced political commitment to future fiscal consolidation” 

Not one to miss a chance to stick the boot in, Labour’s Ed Balls wasted no time in travelling from Newsroom to newsroom saying, “It’s time to change tactics as the Coalitions policy is not working!”

His immediate answer was to stop the austerity measures, start borrowing again and spend our way to growth!

In the TV interview I watched, Mr Balls called Mr Osborne a "quack doctor when it comes to the economy."  Strangely, Mr Balls insisted that the economy would be in a better condition if the coalition had stuck to Labour's spending plans in 2010. However, he admitted he would currently be increasing borrowing if he was in charge!

This would be the same Ed Balls who presided over the disastrous tax and spend policies of Labour who caused the damned problem in the first place and given half a chance, by his own admission, would do exactly the same again.

Meanwhile the other Ed, the Labour leader has called on voters to give him a chance to rebuild Britain and boost the country's ailing economy.

Here’s what he said, "I think in the toughest times you need a government on your side... That's the government that I would want to lead - a government that brought real change to this country so we could rebuild Britain." 

Ed, get real, I think we’ll will go and get a quote from another builder. One with a lot more experience; one whose got a track record and can show us examples of structures that are still standing!

You may have forgotten, but you’ve already been part of a Government that brought real change to this country, unfortunately you nearly bankrupted it and when it was on its knees; when your colleague at the Treasure left a farewell note saying, ‘There’s no money left’ you and the rest of the big-spenders were kicked out! 

Unfortunately, that brought us another bunch of clowns who basically carried on where your ‘New Labour’ bunch left off!

We have now reached the tipping point! The British people have had enough! It’s now time that all our politicians woke-up! - Britain does not need rebuilding! It’s the economy stupid! - Our Economy is stretched because of ridiculous policies from both Labour & Conservatives alike! We need to close the door on immigration, get us out of the corrupt European Union, stop fighting wars that have nothing to do with the immediate security of this country, stop handing out £millions in foreign aid and start looking after this Country and all its people. And it needs to be done now!

Personally, I and many others who love and respect this once great country don't have 40 years to wait to live through another failure!