Following on from recently rejected plans for unrestricted 24hr-7 days a week deliveries to their controversial Hattersley store, it would appear that TESCO are again attempting to bypass the wishes of the people of Tameside and their council’s 'democratic' planning process, as they attempt to appeal their planning application rejection.
Once again the giant retailer has submitted an application for the Hattersley superstore, to remove Condition 23 which was a condition imposed by the council’s Speakers Panel in order to protect Hattersley house owners from continuous noise and disruption to the residential area.

Of course this is of no real surprise as we are well aware of how TESCO operate; but it makes one wonder if anyone on Tameside council or anyone with influence in the planning department can identify with this story in the DailyTelegraph?


It’s now down to the council to show us who dictates planning policy in Tameside 

…our elected councillors or TESCO.



I don’t know about you, dear reader but I am getting rather fed-up with the likes of some of our local Labour councillors who, pontificate and repeat their political party mantras, like: ‘The Tory wealth trap is making the rich richer, while the rest of the population either stands still or gets poorer’ - whilst their senior hypocritical Westminster bosses; those whose messages these pieces of unenlightened political cannon fodder are blindly spouting at local level, are grabbing money at every opportunity.
Take the likes of Diane Abbott, MP for Hackney, who was a strong opponent of the introduction of ‘tuition fees’

You might remember her speech where she said, “There are thousands of young people every year who cannot afford their university fees. We need a fairer system that allows these young people equal access to higher education and we need a system that will not burden students with crippling debt for the rest of their lives.”

Perhaps these local ‘party faithful' that are out week after week, knocking on doors’ might like to explain why, if Ms Abbott is so concerned over student poverty and a staunch opponent of tuition fees, why it was revealed that she charged students £1750 to hear a 50 minute speech delivered by her at the University of Birmingham and charged £1000 to speak at Manchester Metropolitan University?

If you've listen to political voices, both national and local, you’ll find that the local ones; showing nothing but blind faith, merely go around regurgitating their national political waffle, without question, while those from whom the messages flow, are often swanning around, committing the opposite. It's a clear cut case of 'do as we say, not as we do', and that, here in the UK in the 21st century; ought to be a major scandal, but beyond the political points-scoring, there's a much bigger issue here.

These MPs; and I group all political persuasions in this, are paid for by our taxes – as it stands these people are allowed to interfere wherever they choose and to cheat and obstruct due process at every turn. We, however, must shut up and swallow all this duplicitous nonsense, and not object to anything they waste our money on.

I tell you, hypocrisy simply isn't a strong enough word for people as unscrupulous as these.

So next time there’s a knock on your door and you find a local Labour councillor standing there, allegedly wanting to know about the things that concern you, ask him/her to explain just how, in the light of the above story, the Labour party are putting the interests of people first.



Does anyone else find it ironic that the brass necked Kieran Quinn, esteemed Labour Leader of Tameside Council publically now takes credit for the large amount of investment that has recently been granted to firms expanding in Tameside, when he and his fellow Labour councillors did nothing but pour scorn on the investment scheme when it was introduced to replace the bureaucratic Regional Development Agencies?
Speaking again from his Leaders blog-site,- know locally as 'Carry on Kieran' (which does not carry any facility to post comments) he announced that the Tameside based company, which is backed by German investors, called Culimeta Saveguard, has been granted a £730,000 loan from the Regional Growth Fund (RGF) to expand into Tower Mill, from their current base next door in Tame Valley Mill, a move that expects them to increase turnover and create 50 new jobs by 2016.

This fantastic news comes just a few months after another Tameside company, Hill’s Biscuits of Ashton, also received RGF funding with the potential to create an additional 45 jobs.

According to Keiran's blog, he tells us that it just shows what this Council is able to achieve when it works with the private sector, despite the hardship generated by the current financial climate.

Now forgive me Kieran lad, but this is the same Regional Growth Fund that the coalition introduced to replace the "failed" Regional Development Agencies (RDAs) set up by Labour, isn’t it?

The same Regional Growth Fund that you and your fellow Labour councillors criticised as unworkable and a pathetic fig leaf to cover the absence of any growth strategy."

The very same Regional Growth Fund that has also enabled the council to build a new road to open-up development land which has been designated as an employment site for more than 30 years?

Strange that the Labour loved RDA didn’t manage to fund that during it's lifetime, isn’t it!

The problem with the Regional Development Agencies was that they had great intentions, great plans and great glossy brochures saying they were going to achieve this, that and the other, but they were a bit remote from the entrepreneurs, from the business people, from the people in their homes who wanted to set up small companies with just one or two people.

So here we are again,stuck with the same old Labour. No new ideas, still spending what we haven't got and failing to tackle the real problems. Just drifting, and performing a few slight of hand conjuring tricks to fool the public. All at the expense of the tax payer.

Carry on Kieran, - can’t wait to hear next month’s announcements.



How any Labour MP can honestly write an article criticising a government for trying to confront the immigration problem, when it was his party who, during their 13 years in office, systematically went out of their way to encourage hundreds of thousands of immigrants to settle in Britain, simply destroys the meaning of irony!

Jonathan Reynolds , writing in this week’s Reporter in his ‘View from Westminster’ says he understands the benefits immigration can bring’ and yes, when immigration is controlled, then I wholeheartedly agree.

But that has not been the case. Following on from years of ‘benefits for votes’ the British public has been force fed the myth that immigration is a cultural and economic benefit, and this may well be the case with managed immigration when skilled and educated migrants fill job vacancies, and while retaining recognition of their own heritage, integrate with the host society.

But this has NOT been the case with the uncontrolled, mass immigration that Labour brought us.

Take a close look at Tameside and you’ll discover that those coming to the UK have been fed the myth of multiculturalism encouraging them to believe they can enjoy all the advantages of living in an advanced, Western democratic, welfare state, while retaining unchanged and unchallenged the customs, culture and allegiances of the countries they've left.

For those from third world countries, free education, the NHS, social housing, child benefits and all the other welfare entitlements available in the UK must seem like heaven. To achieve the same in other western countries immigrants have to work for it. For many coming to the UK it is delivered gift wrapped. The UK’s “cradle to the grave” welfare society was designed for the indigenous UK population. It is now available for anyone who can make it to these shores.

However, political platitudes and spouting ‘the benefits of 'multiculturalism and diversity’ to the family in the housing queue and who are desperate to find unskilled work, or waiting for an operation on the NHS, or trying to get their kids into the local school, diversity will mean nothing.

Viewed from Westminster, these politicians have absolutely no idea what ‘diversity’ really means to most ordinary people.

Earlier this year we got what was almost an apology. Ed Miliband admitted that the last Labour government was not “sufficiently alive to people's concerns” over immigration and his party got “the numbers wrong”. - No shit Sherlock!

‘Got it wrong’! - Between 1997 and 2010, more than 3.5 million immigrants came to the country - more than twice the population of Birmingham – with the annual net figure quadrupling during their time in office.

But being a minister in the government responsible for the state we now find ourselves in, did he apologise? No, not a bit of it, instead he rolled out the same old clich├ęs – ‘We must learn lessons’ and went on to suggest that although he thinks that “for diversity to help our country, it must work for all, not just a few!” he would in future consider limiting immigrants' rights to benefits in the UK.

He omits to tell us of course, that as members of the EU and the ECHR, he will not be in any position to do anything of the sort, even if he wanted to.

The last Labour government was so 'sufficiently alive to people concerns over immigration’; they arrogantly chose to ignore public concern. People like me were branded as racists, xenophobes and bigots for daring to express concern over the level of immigration under their watch. So now that Labour has declared it is no longer racist to have immigration controls, presumably that means that Labour is now racist and xenophobic?

Labour let immigration “spiral out of control” that has to be a contender for the ‘understatement of the century’.

The record now shows that Blair's Government deliberately allowed uncontrolled immigration in order to "rub the noses of the Right in diversity".  i.e. they were quite prepared to destroy the culture and society of the UK just for pure party political purposes.

So, to re-cap, Labour was wrong on immigration... wrong on Gold... wrong on war... and wrong on the economy. They’ve lumbered us with vast PFI debts... borrowed to the hilt... ploughed billions into the wrong section of the NHS... given us an education system that doesn't educate but rather teaches our children - the 'normality' of same-sex relationships, the benefits of multiculturalism, how to apply for benefits if you get pregnant, how to aspire to a university education in spite of being as thick as a plank and better-suited to learning a practical trade! And you can add to that, a police force that doesn't police, - yet they assured us throughout all those years that everything was just fine. – No more Boom and Bust!

Andrew Neather, a former adviser to Tony Blair, Jack Straw and David Blunkett, said, Labour's relaxation of controls was a deliberate plan to "open up the UK to mass migration" but that ministers were nervous and reluctant to discuss such a move publicly for fear it would alienate its "core working class vote". http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/law-and-order/6418456/Labour-wanted-mass-immigration-to-make-UK-more-multicultural-says-former-adviser.html

 A simple start to this situation would be to pass legislation which says, that unless any Immigrant can provide legitimate proof of employment - they should not be let in and unless anyone has contributed in tax for 5 years - they cannot claim benefits.

I make no apology for borrowing this passage from a famous book:

“Once we understand the impenetrable stupidity of our public, we cannot be surprised that such tactics turn out successful. Led by the press and blinded once again by the alluring appearance of the new program, the bourgeois as well as the proletarian herds of voters faithfully return to the common stall and re-elect their old deceivers.”

“Scarcely anything else can be so depressing as to watch this process in sober reality and to be the eyewitness of this repeatedly recurring fraud. On a spiritual training ground of that kind it is not possible for the bourgeois forces to develop the strength which is necessary to carry on the fight against the organized might of Marxism.”

“Marxism will march shoulder to shoulder with democracy until it succeeds indirectly in securing for its own criminal purposes even the support of those whose minds are nationally oriented and whom Marxism strives to exterminate.”

Mein Kampf

Volume 2 Chapter 1

By the way, what on earth does 'diversity has to work for all and not just for some' mean?



...and local government philanthropists!
It would now appear that since the government has taken the axe to public funding of the arts, with Arts Council England losing 30% of its budget over the next four years and national museums cut by 15% over the same period, that two well-known Tameside philanthropists; councillors John Taylor  and Brian Wild, have stepped in and taken it upon themselves to ‘commission’ original artworks, seemingly for display in Dukinfield's Town Hall!

Now that may all be very well and I congratulate the artist Ms Saffron Coultard on the expert execution of her work, but before we all prostrate ourselves with gratitude, perhaps the councillors could answer the question of who is actually paying for this pastiche?

Have these art savvy councillors put their hands in their own pockets to buy this work and donate it, or, have they ‘commissioned’ this work on behalf of the Tameside Taxpayer?

Now it could be that one of Tameside’s Financial wizards have explained the theory of philanthropical tax-breaks .... or maybe the chair of the Arts committee plied them with strong drink after a late cabinet session and acquainted this nouveau riche pair of the sheer attractiveness of investing in the arts.

However, I suspect it more likely that these local governmental entities, have striven to create even more devious ways to relieve us of ever greater sums of our money

We are now at the point where the total amount that council takes from residents over the course of a year far exceeds the council tax demand we receive each year.

Not only is Tameside council increasingly abusing its ability to snatch money from us at every turn, but to rub even more salt in the wounds, they refused point blank to hold a referendum on the 3.5% council tax increase.

Every week we read dubiously penned letters from sitting career councillors who prattle on about ‘democracy’ and no end of ‘consultations to ascertain the wishes of the people; especially when trying to get elected, then, low and behold, they declare that having to seek our democratic consent for another raid on our personal wealth, is a no go! - In other words, to hell with what residents think, just pay up!

And what was Kieran Quinn’s pathetic excuse for the council failing to live within its means, and triggering the recent 3.5% council tax rise?

This town ain't big enough for the both of us!
The ever rising policing precept to the council!  - Which then begs the question of why then does Tameside council use the money destined for local policing services, spend it on recruiting restricted-power PCSOs to make up for a shortage of real police on our streets?

What I can’t understand is why it is that too few people stand up and demand these local government entities explain why they need so much of our hard earned cash and unambiguously account for its use?