According to today’s news media, Tony Blair has graciously emerged from his multi-million pound mansion in Buckinghamshire, in order to ‘embark on a mission’ to tell us in his usual snake-oil, patronizing fashion, that those who voted to leave the EU are educationally lacking and if the pros and cons were explained to them in words of one syllable, there should be yet another referendum and the Brexit result could and should be reversed.
The pre-briefed quotes to the early day newsrooms go from mildly condescending – “The people voted without knowledge of the true terms of Brexit” – to full on contemptuous superciliousness: “Our challenge is to show how this decision was based on imperfect knowledge which will now become informed knowledge, to calculate in easy to understand ways how proceeding will cause real damage”.
Meanwhile, that so called impartial BBC has ‘obtained’ a localised breakdown of votes from nearly half of the local authorities which counted EU referendum ballots last June and chosen to reveal the findings, quite coincidentally with Blair’s reincarnation.

Apparently, this information provides a much greater depth and detail in explaining the pattern of how the UK voted. The key findings are:

  • The data confirms previous indications that local results were strongly associated with the educational attainment of voters - populations with lower qualifications were significantly more likely to vote Leave
  • The age of voters was also important, with older electorates more likely to choose Leave

A statistical analysis of the data obtained for over a thousand individual local government wards confirms how the strength of the local Leave vote was strongly associated with lower educational qualifications.

Also, age as a second factor significantly helps to further explain voting patterns. Older populations were more likely to vote Leave. Education and age combined account for nearly 80% of the voting variation between wards.

So, Tony Blair and the BBC both believe all ‘Leave voters’ were all stupid, ill-informed and ignorant, and, what's worse, are members of the contemptible lower classes!

Blair seriously believes the British publics minds can be changed if the case to ‘Remain’ is explained “in easy to understand ways”.

Let us not forget, this is a man who, after his supposed retirement from politics, won a £5million advance on his Downing Street memoirs, a £2.5million salary after being signed up by the U.S. investment bank J P Morgan, and £2million for an adviser's role with the finance firm Zurich.

Tony Blair deceived us on weapons of mass destruction. He should be held responsible for the conflict. He lied to his cabinet, to his government, to parliament and to us.

Now he wants us to trust him again.

Yeah, right!


  1. Confused.

    You complain that Tony Blair is saying that leave voters didn't understand what they were voting for and then yourself cite figures that could be used to support this view.

    Do you even know whose side you are on?

  2. Blair says “The people voted without knowledge of the true terms of Brexit”.

    Not, then, unlike Parliament voting to invade Iraq in 2003 without knowledge of the true extent of the carnage which followed (and which is still continuing).

    The referendum was to leave the EU or to remain, nothing more or less than that. Even the village idiot had some idea of the pros and cons after four months of intensive arguments for both sides.

    Leaving home, taking a new job, getting married, etc. are all done without knowing what lies down the road. That's how life works and how decisions are made.


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